I deliver IBM Training courses in DOORS and DXL programming. Public IBM Training courses are offered through Global Knowledge. I also offer my own training courses which are generally customised to your specific needs. These are delivered at your site.

Public CoursesGlobal Knowledge

I am an instructor for the following Public IBM Training courses which are offered through Global Knowledge.

DOORS Foundation

The DOORS Foundation course is for new Rational DOORS users. It introduces basic Rational DOORS concepts and functionality. It includes hands-on exercises that teach users to create, edit, manipulate, and analyze requirements data in Rational DOORS. There are no prerequisites for this course.

DOORS Practitioner

The DOORS Practitioner course builds on the content learned in the IBM Rational DOORS Foundation, V9.4 course. It is designed for those who will be in the role of team lead or project manager, or who want to learn more about advanced Rational DOORS end-user functionality. It discusses creating and structuring Rational DOORS projects, defining linking relationships and attributes, setting access permissions, and managing change. It also discusses external linking, working with spreadsheets, and applying configuration management strategies to Rational DOORS data. Before attending this course you should have completed the Foundation training or have some level of experience with using DOORS.

DOORS IT Manager

The DOORS IT Manager course is designed for those responsible for the provision and maintenance of the IBM Rational DOORS facilities. This will involve solution deployment, availability and data integrity. In addition, it may also involve account management.

Customising DOORS Using DXL

The Customising DOORS Using DXL course teaches the basic principles of writing and applying the IBM Rational DOORS extension language (DXL) to customize Rational DOORS.

You should have previous knowledge of structured procedural programming, preferably in C and proficiency in Rational DOORS.

Private Courses

I can deliver DOORS and DXL training at all levels. Courses are customised to your needs and delivered at your site. In most cases I can accommodate up to eight students.