Tony Goodman
This site aims to provide you with the necessary expertise and tools you need to support your requirements management process using Rational DOORS™ , the world’s leading requirements management tool.

Smart DXL brings together DXL Resources to help you save time and money by working smarter with DOORS.

At Smart DXL you will find help and advice on DXL scripting and customising DOORS as well as previously undocumented information about the DXL programming language.

Even if you already write and maintain your own DXL scripts, the resources on this site can help take the some of the pain out of DXL programming by providing plug-in utilities and templates that will speed-up your DXL development.

There is a DOORS DXL discussion forum where you can post questions for other users to answer, or share your experiences.

Smart DXL was created in 2005 to provide a free reference resource for DXL programmers. This is for you, and the success of this site depends on you visting the site frequently and contributing on the forum. Only with your input will this site continue to grow. I welcome emails from anyone with suggestions or questions, although you are more likely to get a quick answer if you use the forum.

I am not a web developer and I have to do this in my spare time, so forgive me if you find that the site is not as up to date as it might be.

I hope you find this site useful.IBM Business Partner

Tony Goodman


I also offer a range of services and products to help you get the most out of your DOORS investment. I specialise in the development of high quality custom-made DXL scripts. My aim is to provide cost effective solutions that save money and improve quality through smarter application of DOORS capabilities.


I deliver IBM Training courses in DOORS and DXL programming. Public IBM Training courses are offered through Global Knowledge.

I also offer my own training courses which are generally customised to your specific needs. These are delivered at your site. Please see my Training page for more details.


Useful Resources

This site brings together a variety of free resources to help you work smarter with DOORS. No matter what your level of experience, or field of interest, it is hoped that this site will provide you with practical guidance and useful information to help you get your job done easier.

Free Scripts

This site provides numerous free utilities and templates to help you get started in creating your own DOORS addins. All the source code on this site free to use, modify and distribute as you wish. All we ask is that you preserve the change history and authors names in the headers.