Database Surgery

  • Have you inherited a legacy DOORS project?
  • Do you need to gain an understanding of the project schema and the relationships between all the modules?
  • Do you want to ensure that the existing links are in accordance with the published schema?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you could probably benefit from a project health check.

Health Check

I can analyse your existing project and produce a report detailing the items within the project, their relationships and access rights. This information will prove invaluable in identifying work that needs to be done in order to bring your old project back up to speed.

Broken DXL

How often have you opened an old module in DOORS, only to be bombarded with countless DXL errors? This is a common problem that is frustrating, time wasting and sometimes difficult to fix.

The most common cause of these are missing include files that are required for layout DXL, triggers or DXL attributes. These errors could have been avoided by careful, defensive programming, but this is of little comfort if your DOORS implementation is already “broken”.

I can scan your database and provide a report on all the DXL that could potentially cause errors. I can also quickly, and safely remove broken DXL. In many cases it will be possible to fix the broken DXL with a little extra effort.

Public Views

Public views created by users that have since left the project are an annoyance. These are views that can be seen by everyone, but only the owner has permission to change or delete them. Removal of these can be tedious and time consuming. I can very quickly remove these views so that your view menu is no longer cluttered.