Database Design

A well-designed data schema is an essential starting point for any database. This is especially important for requirements management systems because the database must support the needs of the project from day one and throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Getting it Right the First Time

“Getting it right the first time” is a phrase that will be familiar to all requirements engineers and managers who understand the importance of establishing a good set of verifiable requirements early in the lifecycle. We know that mistakes at this stage are very costly to remedy later.

DOORS is the tool of choice for requirements management and is used successfully in many enterprises worldwide. However, the flexibility of DOORS can cause problems for the unwary.

There is seldom only one way to do something, and the choices made will have a direct impact on the efficiency and robustness of the resulting implementation.

I have many years of experience in defining and implementing DOORS databases. I can offer specialist advice and help that will enable you to get your project up and running fast, and prepare a solid, well planned roadmap for the rest of the project lifecycle.

Get your DOORS implementation right the first time and you will save money every day for the rest of the project.