Requirements Engineering

 Jeremy Dick’s Requirements Boilerplates

 Requirements BoilerplatesA repository of commonly used boilerplates for requirements statements.

The concept of using boilerplates for writing statements of requirement is quite simple: choose an appropriate predefined template, and fill in the gaps. Each statement of requirement then becomes a generic boilerplate plus the specific values of selected attributes.

The major function of this website is to act as a resource to those wishing to use requirements boilerplates. It contains a list of boilerplates that can be copied for use in projects, and encourages you to submit new boilerplates for inclusion in the respository.

 Scenario Plus

 Scenario PlusScenario Plus is a scenario-based approach to requirements for development projects, spanning the complete range from initial mission definition and stakeholder analysis to acceptance test definition.

The approach is supported with tools , templates , training , hands-on assistance .

The Templates for Documents & Spreadsheets define simple document patterns in different formats (including Word and Excel) to support mission, stakeholder and non-functional requirement analysis on projects

The Use Case toolkit for DOORS provides a complete set of add-on tools for scenario-based requirements elicitation and analysis with UML Use Cases.

The Diagrams toolkit for DOORS provides editors for a range of systems engineering diagrams. All the diagrams permit full traceability to requirements.

The Extensions toolkit for DOORS provides tools to build project support structures such as Templates, Project Dictionaries, and annotatable World Maps.