These scripts are provided free of charge, and as such are not supported by Smart DXL. Use of these scripts is subject to the terms and conditions set out in the software warranty disclaimer.

Smart Explorer



This utility allows you to browse items in your database and display their properties. For formal modules this also displays the module level attributes, access permissions and its relationships with other modules.

On the Entity Relationship tab you will see a graphical representation of the selected module together with all its related modules. The different relationship types are colour coded to assist in understanding the schema. There is also an option to print the diagram.

This is a powerful tool that allows fast analysis of your module relationships and properties.

The relationships displayed are based on the linksets found. This includes empty linksets. When you first run the tool, you will be prompted to update the linkset database, which you must do for the tool to work. On large databases this can take several minutes to run.

The software is supplied in a zip file. Unzip these to a folder called SmartDXL in your projectaddins path to install.

Download smartExplorer

Requirements Quality Analysis

The Smart Requirements Quality Analysis Tool is intended to assist authors and reviewers in improving the conciseness, consistency and overall quality of their requirements specifications. The tool analyses the DOORS module and highlight areas for improvement.

The tool highlights the use of words or phrases that may lead to ambiguity or misunderstanding of the requirements. Errors in the hierarchical structure of the module, such as Text Objects that have children or empty headings, are identified.  Optionally, the tool parses sentences and words within the module and determines readability scores. It also identifies acronyms and number literals.


A view, called Quality Analysis Results, is created within the module that includes a column to display the results of the analysis. A report is generated in HTML format that can be printed for review.

The tool is configurable for your local installation. These options are documented at the top of the file.

Please note that this tool extends on original work done at NASA and that contribution is acknowledged.

Download smartQualityAnalysis

Smart Baseline Comparison

Compare attribute values between two baselines and produce a red-lined report showing the changes. Output is to an HTML file.

Download smartBaselineComparison