DOORS & DXL Resources

This page contains a list of on-line DOORS and DXL resources.


Smart Solutions for IBM rational DOORS UsersSodius

SODIUS is a European-based company specialized in Systems Engineering and in interoperability. They are a technology provider for IBM as well as an IBM Business Partner. Sodius offer solutions for other tools as well as DOORS addins.

Baselines, Inc.

Baselines, IncBaselines, Inc. specialise in requirements management using Telelogic DOORS. They offer consultancy on requirements management and custom DXL solutions. Baselines, Inc are not limited to DOORS and also have experience in RTM, Requisite Pro and CORE. This site contains a DXL Repository and a Blog.

C4 Systems Limited

 C4 SystemsC4 Systems Limited provide systems engineering consultancy services. They can also provide DOORS expertise and DXL customisations. Here, you will also find a good discussion forums covering systems engineering, DOORS and DXL.
Visit C4 Systems Discussion Forum


 EuroCyberEuroCyber is an Australian based Systems Engineering consultancy. EuroCyber offers specialist professional services and training in Specification Practices and the DOORS Requirements Management tool to the Defence, Telecommunications, IT, Legal and Financial industry domains.
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Quality Lifecycle Solutions Inc.

 QLS Inc.Quality Lifecycle Solutions (QLS) provide consultancy, training and professional services to support software development and engineering projects. They have a suite of DOORS utilities that may be purchased from their website.

Galactic Solutions Group

 Galactic SolutionsGalactic Solutions Group provide solutions for streamlining development of complex systems, with expertise in systems engineering proceses, methodologies and tools. They provide consultancy, training and DXL customisations for DOORS. Here you will find a rich selection of White papers and free DXL utilities for download.
Visit Glactic Solutions DXL Downloads Page

DXL provide off-the-shelf and custom DXL scripts for use with DOORS. They also provide database design, user training and administrative support.

Beaver Computer Consultants Limited

 Beaver computer consultants are an independent systems engineering consultancy providing requirements management, business and systems analysis, modelling, simulation and project management services. As part of their requirements process and management service, they provide free DXL addin scripts for download from their website.
Visit the Beaver DXL Addins page.