Files and Directories

Directory Selector

There is no built-in mechanism in DXL to create a dialog box element for capturing a directory name. This utility function provides you with functionality similar to the fileName perm, except that the selector window allows the user to select a directory rather than a file.

directoryName creates an element inside the specified dialog box for capturing a directory name. This consists of a field for the directory name and a Browse button to invoke a directory selector window. This function can be used in place of fileName whenever you want to capture a directory rather than a file.


DBE directoryName(DB box, string label, string initial, bool readOnly)


#include ""

DB db
DBE dbe

db = create("Demonstrate Directory Selector")

dbeDirectory = directoryName(db, "c:/Temp", "", false)


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Enhanced makeDir Function

Wrapper for mkdir that allows you to create a whole new path, not just a single directory. It also traps and reports errors generated by mkdir.


string makeDir(string dirName)


string errors = ""
errors = makeDir("C:\\Temp\\tom\\dick\\harry")
print errors "\n"

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