Smart DXL offers a range of services to help you get the most of your investment in DOORS.

Bespoke DXL Scripts

I specialise in the development of high quality custom-made DXL scripts. My aim is to provide cost effective solutions that save money and improve quality through smarter application of DOORS capabilities. See my Bespoke DXL Scripts Page.

Database Design

“Getting it right the first time” is a phrase that will be familiar to all requirements engineers and managers who understand the importance of establishing a good set of verifiable requirements early in the lifecycle. Mistakes at this stage are very costly to remedy later.  See my Database Design Page.

DOORS Customization

I have heard many people say that “out of the box, DOORS never quite seems to do what you want it to do”. This is not a bad thing because it makes DOORS an adaptable and flexible tool, rather than trying to be a one-size-fits-all solution. With the right expertise, DOORS can be easily configured or customised to suit your processes. See my DOORS Customization Page.

Database Surgery

  • Have you inherited a legacy DOORS project?
  • Do you need to gain an understanding of the project schema and the relationships between all the modules?
  • Do you want to ensure that the existing links are in accordance with the published schema?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you could probably benefit from a project health check. See my Database Surgery Page.

Tool Integrations

I have experience of direct tool integrations using COM API’s, but this approach has fallen out of favour recently and I now recommend indirect integrations using industry standard data formats such as XMI.  See my Tool Integrations Page.

Data Migration

I have considerable experience in migrating legacy data into DOORS. It is never too late to change tools and upgrade to DOORS.  See my Data Migration Page.