Make Table Row Bold

Simple dialog that allows you to set the Object Text to BOLD for all cells in the selected row. You can leave the dialog open and use again on other tables and rows. Simply select a table cell and click on the button.

//  Make Table Row Bold

Tony Goodman

void doApply(DB db)
	if (null current Module) return

	Object cellObject = current Object
	Object rowObject = null
	Object o = null

	if (null cellObject || !cell(cellObject)) return

	rowObject = getRow(cellObject)

	for o in row(rowObject) do
		o."Object Text" = richText("{\\b " o."Object Text" "}")

	refresh(current Module)

DB dbMain = create(dbExplorer, "Make Table Row Bold", styleFloating)

DBE dbeGo = apply(dbMain, "Make Table Row Bold", doApply)