Recreating the Main Column

Layout DXL is used to populate a column within a DOORS view, typically to construct traceability or impact analysis reports. Layout DXL programs run in a context where the variable obj is pre-declared. The code calculates the value to display for each object. The current object to calculate is referred to as obj.

The following layout DXL displays the object heading and text in the same format as the main column.

//	Recreate Main Column in Layout DXL

	Layout DXL to display the Object Heading and Text
	in the same format as the main column.

   	Tony Goodman

if (obj."Object Heading" "" != "")
	font(getCanvas, level(obj), HeadingsFont)
	displayRich(number(obj) " " obj."Object Heading" "")

if (obj."Object Text" "" != "")
	font(getCanvas, level(obj), TextFont)
	displayRich(richTextWithOle(obj."Object Text"))