DXL Script Category: Programming

Memory Leaks and the String Table

Memory de-allocation is not automatic for the dynamic types Skip, Array, Buffer, DB, OleAutoArgs, IPC and Stat. Repeated use of [more...]


This undocumented perm returns the full name of the item starting from the database root, not the nearest ancestor project [more...]


The DxlObject type is similar to the C struct. This data type allows you to store related values of any [more...]


The following are listings of perms defined for each version of DOORS. These are provided for your interest on the [more...]

Nested Functions

DXL supports nested functions. In other words, you can declare functions within a function. However, local variables declared within the [more...]

Single String Parameter Functions

When the DXL interpreter encounters a function that takes a single string parameter, it ignores the parentheses, thus causing unsuspected [more...]


There is a mechanism in DXL called auto-declare, which means that the programmer need not specify the type of a [more...]