DXL Script Category: Database

Display Root Name

This dialog allows you to locate an item in the database that you are unable to find. This can happen [more...]

Configuration File Viewer

A simple dialog that allows you to browse and view configuration files.   NEW! A modified version of this script [more...]

Display Unique IDs

This very simple script displays the Unique ID, type, full path and URL of the items currently selected in the [more...]

Create DOORS Links Modules

If you create a link without setting up linkset pairings, DOORS will use the default link module. This causes problems [more...]

For all items in folder do { something }

This template provides a starting point for a new script where you wish to scan items in a folder, project [more...]

Size of Project on Disc

This script reports the about the disc space that is being used by each module in the current project. In [more...]