DXL Script Category: Dialogs

Export Baseline Comparison Report

This script allows you to export a baseline comparison report to an HTML file. The dialog provides options to select [more...]

Branded Dialogs

This library file allows you to easily create branded dialog boxes. The dialogs have a canvas across the top with [more...]

Folder Browser DBE

This function implements a folder browser dialog element. Use it in a similar fashion to the builtin fileName() function. Usage: [more...]

Smart History Viewer

This script allows you to view object and module history across all baselines. The dialog displays history in listviews on [more...]

Directory Selector

There is no built-in mechanism in DXL to create a dialog box element for capturing a directory name. This utility [more...]

Mini Explorer

Mini database explorer based on Telelogic’s global function fnMiniExplorer. Includes a fix for the fnMiniExplorer problem where it allows the [more...]

Using Tabs on a Dialog Box

This complete script demonstrates how to implement tabs on your dialog box. Use this as a template to build your [more...]