DXL Script Category: Metrics and Reports

Export Changes

This script exports changes between two baselines as red-lined markup in an HTML table. Object Heading and Text are included [more...]

Export Baseline Comparison Report

This script allows you to export a baseline comparison report to an HTML file. The dialog provides options to select [more...]

For all items in folder do { something }

This template provides a starting point for a new script where you wish to scan items in a folder, project [more...]

Size of Project on Disc

This script reports the about the disc space that is being used by each module in the current project. In [more...]

Export a List of Link Module Descriptors

Link Module Descriptors, aka linkset pairings, are stored in the parent folder of the source module. These determine which link [more...]

Report the Number of Links Per Linkset

This script loops through the current folder and recursively through subfolders and reports on the linksets it finds. The output [more...]